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Thoughts on

Music and Worship



  • Worship is about God, not about us.

  • Worship is communal and meant to be a shared, participatory experience.

  • Worship has no time nor place nor bounds.

  • Worship should be accessible and edifying to all who seek engagement with the living God.

  • Worship is lifelong.


  • Music is both individual and connectional.

  • Music is sacred - no matter the tune or text, to experience music is to encounter the divine.

  • Music is educational, inspirational, and emotional.

  • Music is everywhere.

  • Music is lifelong.


Worship is best experienced together. Those who lead worship bear the awesome privilege and responsibility of creating a common, shared language for those assembled. This should reflect the theology of the faith and the liturgy of the season. It should be accessible, yet transformative; grounded in history, yet modern; it should have variety, but also continuity; and it should be celebratory, yet provide space for penitence, sorrow, and restoration.

While hardly exhaustive, this is my genesis for planning worship and faith-based music events. Hymnology and worship-leading have been passions of mine since high school. I'm grateful for the experiences, education, and employment opportunities that continue to allow me to follow this calling, and I always enjoy conversations on this topic!

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