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Since 1996, Stephen's been making music in churches, schools, and concert halls around the country. He has a passion for music of all genres, but specifically, advancing the organ in today's culture, religious and secular. He has a unique ability to engage audiences by showing off the many colors of the instrument, asking for participation, playing a wide variety of styles, throwing in some standup comedy, and - of course - wearing a lot of bling.

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Sacred Sounds
Sacred Sounds

Sacred Sounds

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Sacred Sounds builds on Stephen’s lengthy background in sacred music and worship arts. Inspired by The Joy of Music television program, join Stephen as he travels to perform on the many great organs in the United States. North America has a rich history of organbuilding from companies like Schantz, John-Paul Buzard, C.B. Fisk, Cornel Zimmer, Schoenstein, Létourneau, Casavant, and Aeolian Skinner (nonextant). Stephen has been fortunate to perform on instruments by each of these companies and is thrilled to share his love for American organs with viewers.

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