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Stephen Aber is an accomplished Communication and Marketing Consultant who has made a mark in diverse sectors, including retail, healthcare, environmental studies, nonprofit, performing arts, and real estate. Known for his people-centric approach and ability to manage small to medium-sized teams effectively, Stephen has a reputation for delivering tailored solutions that yield tangible results.

Stephen's academic background is as eclectic as his professional portfolio. Initially, he pursued his passion for the arts, earning both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Music. A testament to his belief in lifelong learning, Stephen then expanded his academic pursuits to encompass the fields of Communication and Public Administration and Policy, achieving graduate degrees in both. He is an Alumnus of Baylor University (Waco, TX), Belmont University (Nashville, TN), Queens University (Charlotte, NC), and American University (Washington, DC).

A cornerstone of Stephen's consulting approach is the concept of "customerizing" - the development and implementation of bespoke strategies that meet the unique needs of each client. This led to the founding of Customerized with his business partner Susan. His work transcends traditional consultancy by shaping narratives, promoting positive images, and influencing public perception.

Beyond his consultancy work, Stephen has a deep-seated interest in progressive causes. He aspires to lend his communication expertise to large cause-based nonprofit organizations or political campaigns, seeing an opportunity to drive positive change at a larger scale.

In addition to his consultancy work, Stephen is an accomplished writer. He uses his talent in writing to engage, inspire, and challenge his readers. He envisions expanding his consulting services to an international level, using his writing skills to bridge gaps and foster collaboration. Stephen Aber is not only a communication and marketing consultant, but also a change agent who sees every challenge as an opportunity to make a difference. His refreshed website serves as a platform to share his professional journey, insights, and perspectives on the ever-evolving landscape of communication, marketing, and public policy.

Finally, he's still a musician, playing each Sunday at Hayes Barton United Methodist Church in Raleigh, NC, playing frequent weddings in Duke University's Chapel, and engaging in occasional solo and collaborative recitals.

Visitors are encouraged to explore his work, engage in dialogue, and collaborate on projects that can have a positive impact. As you traverse the site, you'll get a glimpse of the dedication and commitment Stephen brings to every engagement, painting a vivid picture of a professional who is truly passionate about his craft.

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