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Why Sacred Sounds?

Sacred Sounds is conceived on the premise that all music is sacred. Every one of us has the ability to create music, and I hope to bring a broad definition to "sacred" that includes as many styles and genres as possible. Founded in 2020, amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, this project seeks to increase arts access by bringing music from churches, concert halls, synagogues, parks, mosques, theaters, and other performance venues into the hearts and homes of those unable to attend concert gatherings.

Though music is often called a universal language, it still has unique variations by style, genre, culture, and geographic location. It's known to have health benefits, aid in learning, and dwell with us for life. I've personally witnessed older adults with memory and ability losses interact with music in ways no longer possible with the spoken word. When in recital, I often ask for requests, and there is never a shortage of favorites from an audience. Music is important to all of us, and our own ability to make and enjoy music, alone or together, is what makes it sacred. Though apart, we can stay connected, and music is a wonderful way to do so. While early episodes of Sacred Sounds will primarily feature performances in Raleigh churches, my goal is to invite other artists to perform, showcasing the rich arts culture we have in the Triangle, and then expand to other locations. I hope to feature music from multiple faith backgrounds, Broadway hits, popular tunes, and my own original arrangements and compositions. I would love to have you along for this journey!

- SA

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