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What *exactly* Is the Point?

Short answer: I don't know.

No but really, I'm not sure yet. Why make a website, record my music, try a music show, write out my thoughts? Well, why not?

Branching out and trying something new is always a blend of excitement, anxiety, hope, worry, and hard work. For years, people have asked me if I had a CD or other recording (I'm old enough to have recorded a few things on cassette), and the answer has been no. I've never really devoted my full attention to music, and I'll talk more about that in this coming Monday's post.

Now, though, I think the answer should be yes.

I guess the point is NOW. Now is just the right moment. I have the time, and the demand for music is high. We all miss concerts and live music. It's a travesty that COVOD-19 has dismantled live performing arts for the foreseeable future, but it's a fact. So, inspired by so many others who have branched out and tried new things, this is my attempt to increase access to music - my music and the scared sounds of anyone else with whom I can partner on this project.

The long range plan is to:

  1. record and release an episode every two weeks

  2. record on and showcase the many excellent organs we have in the Triangle, as health restrictions in NC allow

  3. invite guest artists to join me to showcase the immense talent in this area (again, as allowed)

  4. travel to other areas for recording: Charlotte, Nashville, Richmond, and then maybe DC, New York, even internationally (we'll see)

  5. record and release my music on iTunes, Spotify, and other platforms

  6. force myself to sit down and write down my arrangements so others can perform them

That's the point. To devote myself to this music thing - like I've never really wanted to do - but have always been told I should. By doing it publicly, I can't change my mind and back down. I won't lie, it takes a certain amount of confidence (maybe arrogance) to devote this much time to the idea that people want to hear me, but mother always told me I had too much pride. Might as well put it to good use!

Also in the realm of "I won't lie to you," I can't afford this. Good recording equipment is expensive. Websites are expensive. Taking time from my other jobs to devote to finding, learning, and recording music is expensive. Having guests perform with me is expensive. I'm ... not really sure how I'm going to pay for it yet. My credit card has already wept at my attempts thus far. There may be a Kickstarter or some sort of crowdfunding in the future. Again, we'll see.

So, for now, the point is to try something new; to bring my music to the front of my life and share it with you. I hope you enjoy it. I hope *I* enjoy it. I hope music can get us through this pandemic and leave us with something wonderful on the other side.

- SA

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